Town Center in El Dorado Hills features Todd Morgan and the Emblems

18 Aug

This was the second time we have had the honor of doing sound for this band. We had our usual sound setup, and we love this band because there are only 4 of them. I was announcing and thanking the sponsors, when the new owner of the Sacramento Kings showed up with a few of the big investors. He took the mic for a bit to address the 800+ people in the crowd. It was a pretty cool twist to our usual Thursday night concert routine. The band went on and the crowd went crazy. The obvious non iPhone images are by Angie Cardeña.

Video: Red Dog Records, Andrew Bower, Producer

Last Thursday night at the Town Center in El Dorado Hills we were treated to another concert by Todd Morgan and the Emblems. The attendance was great and the music was simply awesome. If you haven’t heard this group then you need to keep your eyes and ears out and be sure not to miss the opportunity. They have an energetic and refreshing sound and play with such heart and soul. If you were there you witnessed a whole lot of people with smiling faces and plenty of folks on the dance floor to evidence they were having a good time. To see the schedule for Todd Morgan and the Emblems, be sure to bookmark their website and perhaps they will be back next year at the Town Center in El Dorado Hills.