Top Albums of 2015: 15 with Sacramento Ties

 | by SubMerge Staff

Like holiday party hangovers and overly optimistic new year’s resolutions, year-end best album lists are a dime a dozen. So what makes ours so special? Well, for one thing, we made it. And we obviously have the kind of refined musical palate you don’t just find by clicking around on the damn internet. More importantly, we split this year’s Top 30 albums list into two distinct portions: 15 albums with connections to the Sacramento area, and 15 albums from the world beyond. There are, of course, many, many, albums that came out over the last year deserving of praise, but these 30 were our favorites. Why? Our staff explains, with Twitter-esque succinctness.

Todd Morgan and the Emblems
Sweet Pretender

Submerge No. 14 Todd Morgan
Not to be confused with any ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll impersonator, Morgan has grown into his own style, sound and artistic identity.

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