Brand New Website

tmm 181015a

At this time of year, I’m sure most of you are getting very busy, tis the season!  I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, I'm truly thankful for all the blessings this year has given me, many wonderful opportunities have been presented that I am very greatful for.  I also offer my prayers for those that have been going through some seriously tough times, the CA fire season has been the worst on record and there are some hurting people out there.  I'll be helping out by taking part in a special production of American Legend on December 2nd benefiting Wildland Firefighter Foundation,

Exciting news! My brand new website is ready and was launched today!  You'll notice there has been a name change,  The old sites name will take you here too and not to worry, Todd Morgan & the Emblems are still rocking in the free world. There are still new additions yet to be added to the site but I am very pleased with its new look and content, and I hope you will enjoy stopping by often to learn of new shows, see new photos, videos and opportunities with cool stuff. So much thanks must be given to our web builder, Dave Soltis, owner of An Internet Store,, in Carmichael CA. Dave and Brett have great skills and were ever so patience with us in getting the site ready. Between winter and spring recording sessions and summers busy show schedule and travels it was hard to keep up and keep focused at times.

As I just alluded to, I recently I began work on a 4th album, title undetermined at this point, in Los Angeles, CA and in Sacramento, followed by a bit more work to be done in the bay area at Tiny Telephone Recording Studio. Watch for more about the new album early in 2019.  Summer came along and both I and The Emblems became very busy with performances.   I had many more solo shows this year than past years, one reason for the site change, and traveled to Canada for Penticton's Pentastic Music Festival. I also hit some venues in Oregon and Washington on my return trip to Sacramento.

One of the most important things that happened for me this Fall, and will become an important step for The Emblems as well, was signing onto The DNS Agency, Things are coming together nicely, Dean is easy and great to work with, and I see this helping my career greatly as we move into 2019.  If you haven't seen it yet, there is a new YouTube channel as well, featuring a brand new lyric video for my song Running Wild,, off the Sweet Pretender album and you can keep a look out for more content coming soon.